Faculty Development Program

A speciality from Uniq, enables the participants to transform from a teacher to that of a Facilitator, by understanding Adult Psychology, the Values of a Guru & Shishya bond and Retention based teaching Methodology.

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Next Gen Corporate Citizen

A student centric deployability skill program is designed to cater to the needs of the corporate in fulfilling the deployable capability of fresh graduates in the ever changing world of manufacturing industries.

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Karma Veer

A speciality role based , Life skill based advanced program for graduates and students in the final year conducted outside the campus for imparting specific technical and Team Management skills.

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Sign up as a Faculty

Teachers to don the role of faciliatotor by understanding adult psychology enabling the students towards more of imagination and creative knowledge transfer.

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To become more of imaginative that enable them in creative thinking so as the future becomes more of deployable students.

Sign up as an Institution

Schools, colleges as institution should strive towards more of imaginative, creative way of knowledge transfer that makes the students innovative and great citizen in future India.